Alexela Logistics - Paldiski terminal

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The terminal is located on a 28-hectare site next to Port of Tallinn Paldiski South Harbour and it is the only oil products rehandling terminal in Paldiski. We began designing the terminal in 1998, the first construction stage was completed in late 2001, and the first tanker was loaded in January 2002.

The terminal has a tankfarm of 358 000 m³. The terminal accommodates a light oil products discharge rack with 68 places that can unload a block train in 4 hours, as well as a discharge rack for petrochemicals and crude oil with 19 places, and a gas discharge rack with 18 places. The maximum speed of loading cargo on tankers is 2 500 m³/h and tankers can be served simultaneously on two jetties.

Modern technology allows for various types of oil products to be stored and handled in the terminal at the same time, while guaranteeing complete separation. The following oil products are handled in the terminal:

  • petrol
  • diesel fuel
  • crude oil
  • gas condensate
  • methanol
  • benzene
  • butane
  • isopentane
  • orthoxylene
  • paraxylene
  • toluene

In 2012, we commenced production of aviation gasoline (AVGAS) in the terminal.

The terminal hosts an independent laboratory, which guarantees product quality and quantity control, and it produces a wide range of analyses within extremely tight deadlines.

Since 2002, the terminal has been certified according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
quality standards.

Our clients can rest assured that the quantity as well as quality of their products will be fully maintained in the AS Alexela Terminal. The client can always monitor in real time and online the movement of rail wagons starting from the Estonian border, the product quantities in the terminal's reservoirs and the loading processes in the terminal and on vessels. The high client service levels of the terminal guarantee handling of the products on time, issuance of the required documents and the forwarding of information.