The terminal is located in the free customs zone of Sillamäe Port, 25 km from the border of the EU and the Russian Federation. Sillamäe Port is the easternmost deep-water port of the European Union that can be navigated year round. The capacity of the port’s oil depot is 506,000 m³.

The terminal has three unloading facilities for dark oil products enabling the simultaneous handling of 2×44, 2×18 and 2×20 railway tank wagons. The maximum loading speed onto tankers is up to 6000 m3/h. The terminal can serve tankers on 3 jetties simultaneously.

Modern technology allows various types of oil products to be stored and handled in the terminal at the same time, while guaranteeing complete separation. The following chemicals are mainly handled in the terminal:

  • heavy fuel oil
  • shale oil
  • vacuum gas oil

Sillamäe Port hosts independent accredited laboratories that guarantee product quality and quantity control.

Since 2009, the terminal has been certified according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality standards.

Our clients can rest assured that the quantity as well as quality of their products will be fully maintained in the AS Alexela Sillamäe Terminal. The client can always monitor online the movement of railway wagons from the Estonian border, the product quantities in the terminal's reservoirs and the loading processes in the terminal and on vessels. The strict internal rules of the Terminal guarantee the handling of the products on time, the issuance of the required documents and the forwarding of information