We consider social responsibility and supporting the local community very important. Therefore, we established the non-profit organisation Heategevusfond Uus Laine (New Wave Charity Foundation) in 2010 together with six successful companies from Paldiski.  The Foundation supports various social, educational, cultural and sports projects annually, as well as local people and organisations. The Foundation also organises various charity events and campaigns for the people of Paldiski.

In 2011, the Charity Foundation was named Supporter of the Year for Harju County. More information about the work and funded projects of the Charity Foundation can be found at www.uuslaine.ee and www.facebook.com/uuslaine.

We are a long-term supporter of Pakri Sports Club. On 31 August 2013, a football stadium with a contemporary artificial lawn cover was opened in Paldiski, which has been named one of the five best football stadiums in Estonia by the Estonian Football Association. 

We provide support to the Eesti Meestelaulu Selts (Estonian Male Choral Society), which brings together 2,500 choral singers from all over Estonia. The Society’s greatest undertaking is organising the Song Days for boys and men’s choirs.

In cooperation with Sillamäe City Government and the local Russian, Belarusian, Bashkir and Estonian cultural societies and associations, the Baltic Sea Cultural Bridges international cultural festival will be organised for the 20th time in 2014. The festival helps different ethnic groups introduce their culture and thereby promote communications between the various communities. We support the organisation of this event.

We have been a sponsor of the Sillamäe Kalev football club since 2008. The club’s main team plays in the Estonian Premier League and is among the top five this season. Sillamäe Kalev is also helping to train a new generation of footballers, by searching for talent among the children attending kindergarten.

We also support the Banzai sports club, which achieved second place in the team competition at the Sillamäe Open 2013 Low-Kick Party, as well as the David Oistrahh Festival (2013).